Monday, February 10, 2014

Calling it Martial Arts

Why do we refer various fighting techniques by martial-arts and what's the importance of using the phrase 'art .' Reputation of the fighting skills could be because of the physical power and confidence they produce in the individual.

For that reason teachers and instructors of these arts produce these essential skills before mastering the art it self. Any style is largely centered on self defense but the abilities that are needed to learn these arts include confidence.

Taekwondo is a Korean style and now it's hottest self-defense approach around the globe. There could be the opportunity that generally these skills were designed for self defense or attack purposes however the soft skills they shows us may teach a much better way to us to call home our lives. Because they want their child to learn self confidence and self get a grip on instead they wish their daughter or son becoming a star people like to give their children a coaching class of the martial arts.

To learn more about the martial arts visit either of these two blogs:

In Class - Picture

Here we are in class taking a picture. Awesome looking folks if I do say so myself :)

It has the junior class and the adult class in this group shot.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Budo and Martial Arts

Martial arts is often used as an art (like budo), or like a sport activity , as a fight sport , or as self-defense instruction. Classic martial arts places focus on self-development (budo).  Contemporary Western type training stresses the mental components integrated into an appropriate  kokoro  (mindset) including determination, fearlessness, and leadership abilities. Sport martial arts places focus on physical exercise and levels of competition. Weaponry is a very important training exercise in a few types of martial arts.

The ninja did not have as strict a code as Budo (like the Samurai). But they had plenty of different types of weapons. Learn more: