Saturday, December 14, 2013

Taijutsu and the Ninja and Judoka

Is Judo and Ninjtitsu similar? Well they both use Taijutsu. Which really is a blanket term in the Japanese martial arts that loosely means "combat skill".

They both come from the same culture even though they are both from different times. However judo comes juijitsu which comes from the ancient Samurai. While it is often said that the ninja came from the Samurai. Of course saying the ninja come from the Samurai has been debated but no one really knows for sure since the ninja were secretive to begin with (mainly because the work they did required them to be secretive)

However it is recorded that the Koga ninja did help the Samurai pass through their area so they could escape the shogun.

Now the outfits and clothing they wore is a bit different but in some ways similar. The ninja wore stuff like this:

While the judoka wears uniforms like this:

 For a little fun I added this youtube video of a ninjitsu practitioner and a judoka squaring off:

For more ninja stuff try this page

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some Judo Sweeps - How To

This is how you can do traditional Judo sweeps. Typically you will want to use high percentage moves that will translate into points. This is especially true when you are in formal competitions. So take a couple of minutes to review this video.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Standard Judo Uniform

A Judo uniform can also be referred to as a Judo Gee or perhaps a Judo Gi. Although blue can also be being a common option, the normal color to get a Judo uniform is white. It might be recommended to check with your instructor and discover if he or she'd prefer you to really have a particular color of Judo uniform when you're teaching with him or her, if you're yet to begin Judo classes. You'll also need to consider what weight and content you wish to purchase, along with selecting what color of Gee/Gi you wish to purchase. This might highly rely on what grade/level of student [Judoka].

The Judo grading system might change somewhat based on who you prepare with, but generally all grades are extremely similar. You'll begin as a white strip when you begin Judo lessons. As it's commonly recommended that you buy a Judo uniform which can be 355g a white strip. These newcomers outfits are usually produced from conventional grain cloth and includes a white belt. If you show commitment and a prepared to learn then, after you've started your lessons your teacher may put you forward to get a grading. A grading was created to check you and, if you pass, you'll progress one rank that is represented with a change in the color of one's belt. After moving your first grading you'll turn into a orange strip. The most popular belt order of rank begins with then brown, then yellow, orange, green, blue and white belt. In several places you'll struggle to level for the black belt until your at the very least 16 years of age. You may carry on to level if you meet up with the necessary standards when you accomplish black belt status.

The highest ranked Judoka on report reached 10th john, consequently that is regarded as the highest position you are able to accomplish in Judo. It's very important to gain an awareness of the way the position works before you choose your Judo uniform. When I said earlier, like a beginner you need to buy a uniform. It's considered that you also needs to enhance your Judo uniform, as you progress through the devices. When you obtain a grade of green belt, it's recommended that you must update your uniform to an 'intermediate uniform.' These are often 450g.There are certainly a wide selection of Judo uniforms that you may select from when you obtain a black belt [ also called a dan]. It's advisable to keep to the rules because they are there to assist you, although you can buy any uniform anytime. You might want one Judo uniform for training and one specifically made for competitions.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Judo Submission Holds - The Basics

These are some of the most basic submissions for Judo. Now we all know the popularity of BJJ but many people do not know that Judo also has submissions. Mostly people think of sweeps and throws when it comes to Judo. However that is not the only thing Judo is good at. Check out these submissions: